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In “Stash” news, Nets’ Aleksandar Vezenkov scores big in friendlies


In a series of “friendly” —exhibition— games this week, Nets stash Aleksandar “Sasha” Vezenkov showed off his shooting prowess. leading Bulgaria to two wins over the Netherlands and one over Austria. In three games, the 6’9” Vezenkov averaged 24.3 points, hitting 81 percent from two and point range and 47 percent from deep.

Vezenkov, drafted No. 57 with Boston’s second round pick, is expected to play two more seasons with European powerhouse, F.C. Barcelona, before joining Brooklyn.

In a game played in the Bulgarian city of Botevgrad earlier on Wednesday, he had 26 points on 6-of-13 shooting, while grabbing seven boards. Earlier in the week, he had games of 29 and seven vs. the Dutch along with a 25 and ten game vs. Austria.

Vezenkov and his Bulgarian team are preparing for the FIBA World Cup European Pre-Qualifiers in Portugal starting August 3. When he was drafted, Sean Marks called him one of the world’s elite shooters.

He averaged better than eight points a game this past season with Barcelona.