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Wait a minute ... the red patch is gone?!

It was widely reported that Infor, the company sponsoring the Nets jersey ad, paid more to have their red logo “pop” against the Nets black-and-white gear. It’s why the Nets got a lot more money —$8 million— than all but one team selling space on jersey. That one team was the Cavaliers, who have LeBron James.

But on Tuesday morning, Darren Rovell tweets that the “pop,” the “clash” of red on black-and-white has been abandoned.

It was indeed unpopular with at the least the fans. We don’t know how the players reacted.

Is it confirmed? Well, Rovell has long been close to Brett Yormark and the Nets front office and we find it difficult to believe that Rovell would post it without confirmation.

Maybe Infor has decolorized its logo? Nope. Here’s the CEO Tuesday morning kicking off a company event.

Is it possible that fan reaction caused the Nets —and Infor— to change their mind? Stay tuned.