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Lewis: Nets odds on KCP “over 50 percent”

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Detroit Pistons Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Lewis reports the Nets pursuit of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope may be nearing an end, and quotes a “league source” as saying the Nets’ chances of signing him are “‘over 50 percent’ simply because when the merry-go-round stops they could have the most to offer.”

Lewis writes that by being patient, the Nets and Sean Marks have the biggest cache of cap space for KCP, a 6’6” swingman whose attracted the Nets’ interest for a long time. Brooklyn has a minimum of $16.5 million in cap space which could be easily expanded if the team wanted to drop players with team options or alternatively trade a player for a pick or draft rights.

Lewis writes the competition is thin if Caldwell-Pope and his agent Rich Paul want a deal starting at more than what the Nets have to offer.

The Bulls, Suns, Mavericks, Hawks and Lakers are the only other teams with more than $16 million in cap space, but a source said the Suns won’t bid and the Lakers are only amenable to a one-year deal. At 24 and looking for his first big payday, would Caldwell-Pope accept that?

The Post writer is careful not to suggest the Nets have KCP locked down and noted that Marks likely has back-up plans built atop back-up plans.

“If they don’t land him, Marks could turn his eyes toward a big. He is familiar with both JaMychal Green and Dewayne Dedmon from his time with the Spurs.”

He even speculates the Nets could try to get the rights to Dakari Johnson, the 7-footer who made the G-League All-Star team last year.

But the focus remains on 24-year-old Caldwell Pope.

Marks can’t talk about the Nets interest in particular players. It’s against league rues, but the Nets GM seemed to hint at a Nets willingness to go after a big ticket item.

“I hate to be vague; but if the right deal comes along that uses all of our cap space, we could jump at it,’’ Marks said.