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Texting with Spencer Dinwiddie

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Brooklyn Nets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Like Bryan Fonseca wrote, “The dude is different” Spencer Dinwiddie, man. On Sunday night, Jorge Sierra, one of the founders of Hoopshype, engaged in a free-wheeling texting conversation about Game 2 of the NBA Finals with the Nets guard. Sierra accurately described Dinwiddie as “one of the most entertaining NBA players on social media these days.”

And while they talked, or texted, about the game and the Warriors domination, Dinwiddie and Sierra occasionally strayed to talk about life, basketball, the Nets, and, of course, Iron Man suits.

We’ll get to the Iron Man suits soon enough, but we thought we’d go right to what the back-up point guard thinks about his team. First of all, he is very, very grateful for the chance the Nets gave him this past season, calling him up from the D-League.

“To be clear, I’m very thankful for the Nets and the opportunity they gave me,” he texted Sierra. “I believe I was able to prove that I belong in this league and I know before that a lot of people doubted that fact. So I will always to be grateful to this organization/family.”

Asked if he thought he start next season, Dinwiddie was realistic.

“LOL. Naa. This is JLin’s team and I doubt that at this juncture any team would give me a starting job. So another year on the grind, not to mention that my contract for next year isn’t even guaranteed so I can’t put the cart before the horse.”

But down the road?

“But they say prime is 25-32. So hopefully with another good season, I’ll be able to make the case after next season and have 7+ years to play my best basketball.”

Dinwiddie and Sierra also engage in discussions on MJ vs. LBJ and showing his knowledge of the game’s history examines how other superstars from the past helped make the game.

On these Finals, Dinwiddie discusses how the need for heroes and villains have shaped fans perception of the game.

“...Media made Bron a sympathetic figure. LOL. Basically turned Curry from humble to cocky, and then with the addition of KD they basically became the Evil Avengers teaming up against Superman.”

And he recalls how his first encounter went with LeBron.

“I’m pretty sure, he was on the break, I was a rookie in Detroit and we had been instructed no weak fouls because of how strong he is, so I basically just tackled him.”

He also touches on how he is different from most of his colleagues in the game.

“My interests and hobbies are different ... I love Twitter because of the difference in opinions, I enjoy the banter. But it’s much easier for me to see myself going to culinary school or taking engineering classes to try to dedicate myself to building an Iron Man suit if I find myself with an abundance of time after my career is over.”


“That was very serious. If I’m done at 35 or so and I’m blessed to have a ton of money and the resources, that’s what I’m going to attempt to do.”

Told ya, the dude is different.

And what about Game 3? Can the Cavs recover?

“Honestly, they’re built to play a fast style akin to the Warriors, but they have to slow it down. They won’t be able to consistently sustain that high level of offense quarter to quarter. Maybe one or two quarters they can do it, but not all four. Especially when Bron rests. Limit second shots by the Warriors. Can’t turn it over. And gotta win the rebounding battle.”

Smart, too.