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Deadlines and commitments - No. 95

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Brooklyn Nets Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Monday’s free agent mini-camp, the team’s second this off-season, represents the start of a month-long final push that will end with significant changes in the Nets roster and , presumably their future.

By July 5, a month from Monday, the Nets will have decided on their six team options, made their picks in the Draft, maybe executed a trade or two and have a good idea of who they will be getting in free agency. Even the summer league roster will be set.

Here’s the lookahead.

June 5-7 - Nets will hold a second free agent mini-camp at HSS Training Center. Three names have emerged, Nathan Boothe, a 6’10” stretch 4 who played in Italy last year; Matt Stainbrook, a 6’10” center who played in Spain; and Nathan Sobey, a 6’4” shooting guard from Australia.

June 9-11 - adidas Eurocamp, Treviso, Italy. The Pre-Draft mini-camp for international players. Teams travel to this city near Venice for the annual international showcase which features mainly European players. With so many international players likely to be tagged in the 2017 NBA Draft, expect a big showing from players and scouts alike.

June 12 - Deadline for international players under 22 to withdraw from the Draft. All but one of young Euro’s the Nets have scouted will likely stay in. Viny Okouo, the 7’2” Congolese bigman who plays for Unicaja Malaga, may withdraw. Deadline is 5 p.m. ET.

June 17 — Long Island Nets Fan Fest at Nassau Coliseum. Essentially an open house at the D-League team’s new home. From 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Tours of the venue are available, but fans must register at the team’s website.

June 22 - NBA Draft. Barclays Center will host the draft for the fifth straight year. Perhaps a concessionaire could market Billy King face masks? The Nets will have two picks in the late 20’s, the Wizards pick at No. 22 and the the Celtics pick at 27.

The Nets don’t have their own second rounder, which goes to Atlanta, but will have the Celtics pick, No. 57. The Nets could also buy a second rounder. They have $3.4 million available. Last year, the Nets bundled the 55th pick with $3 million to move up to No. 42 and take Isaiah Whitehead. With the new CBA permitting up to 17 players on next year’s rosters, including two-way players who will split their time between NBA and D-League rosters, expect second rounders to be more valuable, more costly.

June 24 - Nets must inform K.J. McDaniels whether they will exercise his team option for 2017-18. If so, his $3,476,873 contract goes into effect on July 1.

June 30 - Joe Harris and Sean Kilpatrick’s $1,051,245 guarantees for 2017-18 kick in. Team option on both.

July 1 - Free agency begins. Teams can contact free agents with offers starting at 12 midnight. Under new CBA, teams can tender offer sheets to restricted free agents on July 1 as well. The player’s current team has 48 hours, rather than the previous 72, to match. But no more “poison pill” deals like the one Brooklyn offered Tyler Johnson. That was eliminated in the new CBA.

July 4 - No-trade restriction lifts on Archie Goodwin.

July 7 - Free agents can officially be signed. Press conferences are held. Jerseys are held up.

July 7 to 17 - NBA Summer League at the Thomas & Mack Center and Cox Pavilion in Las Vegas. Will the Nets participate? We think so. Again, nothing’s been announced yet. Expect to see a lot of the young Nets, D-Leaguers and of course draft picks. Road trip?

July 10 - Nets can acquire Allen Crabbe or Tyler Johnson in a trade. Teams who bid on restricted free agents can’t acquire them for a year.

July - Spencer Dinwiddie’s contract guarantees for $50,000 for 2017-18 if he participates in summer league and summer conditioning program.

July 16 - Quincy Acy’s $1,709,538 guarantees for 2017-18 unless the Nets tell refuse to exercise his team option. Contracts like Acy’s can be ideal for Draft Night trades. A team needing to match salaries can take on a player with a July option, then waive him.

Early August - NBA schedule is released. This year’s season will be longer with fewer back-to-backs, more built-in rest.

August 25 to September 3 — FIBA Americas Cup. Canada’s Andrew Nicholson and Argentina’s Juan Pablo Vaulet are likely to play for their national teams in Cordoba, Argentina, JPV’s hometown.

August 31 to September 17 — Eurobasket 2017. As of now, only one player on the roster is eligible: Justin Hamilton who has dual U.S. - Croatian nationality. He has been non-committal about playing for Croatia. With all the Nets scouting in Europe, expect there to be other Nets participating. Also, it will be assistant coach Chris Fleming’s last turn as Germany’s national team coach.

September 10 - Nets must renew their offers to any stashed players. As of now, that means Juan Pablo Vaulet. Of course, if the Nets sign him this summer to either a Brooklyn or Long Island deal, no need for the letter. And if the Nets draft and stash on June 22, they get offers too.

October 31 - Spencer Dinwiddie’s salary guarantees at $250,000 for 2017-18. Archie Goodwin’s salary guarantees at $200,000 for 2017-18.

October 31 - Nets must exercise rookie options for Rondae-Hollis Jefferson and Caris LeVert, fourth year for RHJ, third year for CLV.

Late October - D-League Draft. It’s not like the NBA Draft. It has different rules and is held via conference call.

Early November - Long Island Nets will open their first season at their new home, the renovated Nassau Coliseum.

January 10 - All partially and non- guaranteed deals become fully guaranteed, specifically in the Nets case for Dinwiddie and Goodwin if they remain with the team.