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Russell —and LeVert— work out in wee hours of morning (again)

D’Angelo Russell and Caris LeVert were in the gym past midnight Tuesday with Carmelo Anthony’s personal trainer.


At Monday’s press conference, D’Angelo Russell jokingly called out Caris LeVert for not working out with him on early that morning —VERY early— at HSS. “The workout last night…Caris was supposed to be there, but he wasn’t.”

LeVert got the message.

On Monday night (Tuesday morning actually), Russell posted a video of him and LeVert working out together with Carmelo Anthony’s personal trainer, Chris Brickley. Brickley originally posted the video and DLo re-posted it. Working with them in the video is Nets assistant for Player Development, Ryan Forehan-Kelly.

@cbrickley603 Got my boy @carislevert in here today #BrooklynGrit

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The video was posted a little later than 1 am. Why so late ... and why so often? This is the third straight late night workout for the newest Net, two alone, now one with LeVert.

“I got a lot of young fans that I try to show support to, and they like to see that type of stuff,’’ Russell said. “That’s really where I’m at at that time of the night. I’m not anywhere else. Just try to get out there and show a little support.” And when it’s midnight in Manhattan, it’s 9 p.m. in L.A.

It’s important to note a few things people were skeptical about Russell. First off, the main question is whether Russell is willing to buy in. It’s way too early to determine that, but he’s been here for three days and he’s worked out all three days. Part of the new culture is work ethic.

Secondly, after his issues with teammates in L.A., some (you like like Magic Johnson) wondered whether he would get along with his teammates in Brooklyn. So far, so good on and off the court. He showed that he was comfortable enough joking with a teammate in his first press conference. Furthermore, he and LeVert are in there together at 1 am. That says enough.

Expect more to join them.