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NBA Draft Rumor: Nets are tracking Isaiah Hartenstein?


Let’s go. It’s about that time when the NBA Draft rumors start coming at a fast and furious pace. As teams are jockeying and agents are trying to get their clients to move up a few slots. The latest has the Brooklyn Nets “tracking” German big man Isaiah Hartenstein.

Interestingly enough, Draft Express has Hartenstein falling down to pick No. 36 in their latest mock draft - as of 5:15 PM. For a while, though, there was some consensus around the draft experts that he would fall into the 20-27 range. No NBA prospect has more been linked to the Nets in mock drafts than Hartenstein. His German national team coach is Chris Fleming, a Nets assistant.

The Nets, as of now, own picks 22 and 57 in tonight’s draft, but earlier reports had them angling to move up, maybe even into the lobby. No word on what assets they would use to get there.

The 19-year-old, 7-foot Hartenstein is a bit of a project. He’s big, can play some defense, has a decent inside game, but isn’t quite a stretch-big.

Still, with the Nets likely looking to add some size, in some capacity, Hartenstein fits that mold. He has size.

The Undefeated says the Jazz and Spurs are also interested. Which is good news. Hey, if the Spurs are interested, well, know, Spurs East probably want to keep an eye on him.