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NBA Draft Rumor: Nets are looking to move up to 10-14 range?

NBA: Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Thursday, and the NBA Draft is tonight. We made it. But, that doesn’t mean we’re out of the weeds - if anything, it means that the rumors are going to come at a fast and furious pace. Let the games begin.

How about that. What will it take? Well, the Nets have the 22nd pick and the 57th pick. They have some veterans who are movable - like Trevor Booker and Sean Kilpatrick, for example.

We also know the Nets seem to possibly/maybe like D.J. Wilson who seems to be climbing draft boards, according to DraftExpress - though 10-14 range seems a bit early for him. Someone like Donovan Mitchell, maybe/possibly, might be a target.

Hey, anything is possible at this point.

We don’t know much, but we know this is the most fun time of year. Here’s to the many hundreds of rumors that will come our way over the next four hours.