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2017 NBA Draft Live: Pick-by-pick Results

NBA: NBA Draft Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, it’s finally draft night! Tonight at 7:00PM the 2017 NBA Draft will go live with the Philadelphia 76ers selecting first, in a pick that once belonged to the Boston Celtics. And they got the pick, hmm, somehow...I don’t quite remember. But, who cares. The Nets already made a major move in getting 21-year-old point guard D’Angelo Russell from the Lakers in exchange for Brook Lopez.

They also have the 22nd and 57th picks in tonight’s draft, AND, are active in making some other sort of move happen. It’s going to be wild. And we’re going to be everywhere. Like, seriously everywhere.

A Facebook Live from the Nets facility, Pooch will be at the draft, the Glue Guys will be podcasting, I will be home and in bed by 9:30... it’s going to be great.

Let’s talk through it below - post your thoughts, your memes, your hopes and your dreams.

Please note that this thread is going to be spoiler-free. Do NOT talk about picks until they’re announced on the TV broadcasts. People who violate this law are getting banned and traded to the Knicks.