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NBA Draft 2017: Where to watch, what to watch, who to watch

NBA: NBA Draft 2015 Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 NBA Draft is tonight, and while the Nets have already made a major splash prior to the draft, in trading Brook Lopez to the Lakers in a deal that includes D’Angelo Russell, there is still plenty to keep an eye on at tonight’s draft.

A little housekeeping, while I have you.

We’ll be LIVE at the Nets’ practice facility with our guy Dexter Henry and Bryan Fonseca hosting a Facebook Live video with full reporting. Make sure to follow us on Facebook to find the live video. We’ll share the link, too, when it’s live.

Anthony Puccio will be at the Barclays Center reporting live. So, follow him on Twitter.

The Glue Guys will be doing a podcast tonight, so hit them up on Twitter and subscribe to their podcast.

Meanwhile, Bob and I will be right here with you posting every rumor, news item and stupid meme. We’ll have a Live thread as well - taking you through the 22nd pick all the way to the 57th pick; and all the picks the Nets buy or trade for in between.

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