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Hartenstein’s agent: Fleming connection helps


In an interview with Brian Lewis, B.J. Armstrong, agent for German big Isaiah Hartenstein, says it would be helpful that Nets assistant coach Chris Fleming has helped mentor the 7-footer on Germany’s national team ... even if he winds up as a draft-and-stash.

“Familiarity, knowing that relationship … with any new setting, new environment, it’s a comforting feeling to know someone there,’’ Armstrong said. “It’s not an advantage, but it’ll give him comfort of saying I have a relationship with this person.”

Hartenstein has been on the Nets radar for a long time because of the Fleming connection and he’s been mentioned as the Net’s likely choice at Thursday’s draft when they pick at No. 22 or 27. No player has been more linked to the Nets in mock drafts than Hartenstein.

Although Hartenstein has German citizenship, he was born in the U.S., the son of an American mother and a German father who played college ball at Oregon in the 1990’s’ As a member of German national teams, he’s been coached by Fleming, more or less the Nets offensive specialist.

That American background, including living in Oregon until he was 8 years old, will also help, says Armstrong.

“It helps understand the culture, the language, being more familiar with the American style,’’ Armstrong, told The Post. “It’s not easy for anyone, but he at least understands to some degree what he’s getting into. For a lot of the international prospects, it’s the first time they’ve ever visited the U.S.”

Hartenstein speaks fluent English and German and basketball, too, says Fran Fraschilla, the ESPN analyst who Lewis also interviewed. Fraschilla also suggested Hartenstein, who turned 19 just last month, is a draft-and-stash candidate.

“Teams are going to want to make him a stretch big man, and while he looks like he should be able to shoot the ball better from the perimeter, that’s not his forte right now,’’ said Fraschilla. “He’s likely to still be taken in the first round because he’s got a very good combination of terrific size, some athleticism and he’s very, very young and you can mold him.”

Fraschilla suggested that Anzejs Pasecniks, the 7’3” Latvian big often linked to the Nets could also be a draft-and-stash. In a separate profile, Fraschilla said Pasecniks who plays in the Spanish League will need some development time.

“Pasecniks is one of those guys that’d be perfect for a team with multiple [first-round] picks. Brooklyn’s got multiple picks,” Fraschilla said. “Portland, and maybe even Utah may have multiple picks. He’s one of those guys that you could draft [and stash] him. Although he’s 21 and he’s anxious to get over here and start his NBA career.”