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Second round prospects show their wares

Washington State v Colorado Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Higher ranked draft prospects dropped by HSS Training Center Monday as workouts intensified in preparation for the June 22 NBA Draft three miles away at Barclays Center.

In Monday’s workout, three projected second rounders made up half the players that Cody Taylor of Basketball Insiders tweeted about...

Colorado combo guard Derrick White is listed at No. 33; Juwan Evans, the 6’1” Oklahoma State point guard, is at No. 34 by Draft Express and Dillon Brooks, the 6’7” hot shooting swingman from Oregon is at No. 45.

Michael Scotto provided a date when the projected No. 23 pick, Terrance Ferguson, will work out for the Nets. It’s close to Draft Night.

Coach Matthew Driscoll of North Florida tweeted his high-scoring point guard, Dallas Moore, will be in on Tuesday. Moore and Beau Beech, one of last summer’s training camp invites, were teammates at UNF>

B.J. Bass of RBA Sports tweeted that one of his clients, a local product, will be in on Wednesday. NBA teams will often bring in local players to fill out workout sets.

And Michael Scotto noted that Jamel Artis, a 6’7” marksman, will be in Brooklyn one day later.

Also expected later in the week, Milton Doyle, a point guard from Loyola Chicago.

If there’s one theme evident in a survey of the 41 known Nets workout candidates, it’s that there are a LOT of shooter.

Meanwhile, the Nets will have to file away their scouting reports on Rodions Kurucs. Long connected to the Nets, Kurucs withdrew from the Draft Monday, the deadline for international players, according to a tweet from his agent.

Kurucs, a 6’9” small forward, had been ranked as high as the late teens in recent weeks, but without a guarantee, he apparently thought it best to play this season in Barcelona, then try the draft again next summer. Of course, at this point, the Nets don’t have any picks in 2018.