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For Sean Kilpatrick, giving back takes different paths

Brooklyn Nets

Sean Kilpatrick is proud of his New York heritage, happy he grew up in New York City hoops, even if he was born and raised just north of the city in Westchester. But there are few Nets who do more in the community —and often in low-profile ways— than Kilpatrick.

On Sunday, for example, he visited the Children of Promise in Brooklyn, cleaning up and repainting the group’s building, but also sitting down with the kids, children of imprisoned parents. It’s sponsored by the Nets and Starbucks.

His visit wasn’t a photo opp. He spent time with the kids, leaving them with a message that’s guided him, “never give up.”

“We get put into situations where we can’t control a lot of things, but the main ingredient to where you want to go and how to be successful,” he told the group, “is never give up.”

Sharon Content, founder and president of the group, said of his visit, “I think it’s very important for Sean Kilpatrick to be here today because not only is he volunteering his time on some of the activities we’re doing but he’s really focusing on the young people. He’s sharing his experience and how much it can relate to their experience and I think his words of advice will be instrumental in their development.

“So we’ve really focused his effort today on speaking with the participants of Children of Promise, NYC,” Content added.

That message has been reiterated by Kilpatrick in other visits to community organizations in the borough.

In March, he and Spencer Dinwiddie visited PS 156 in Brownsville, Brooklyn. He spoke with the students about influential black role models that had a personal impact on his life. In January, he and Trevor Booker built and painted benches for Brownsville Ascend Lower School on Martin Luther King Day.

On Tuesday, he was recognized for his community efforts by the New York CYO as their 2017 Hometown Hero, the award bestowed by Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

It’s all about keeping dreams alive, he says, not just for himself but for others who haven’t been fortunate, who may not have the courage. As he posted last month on Facebook...

“My journey wasn't easy. I wasn't fortunate enough to have everything GIVEN to me. Every brick wall that's been on this journey, I've been determined to continue to keep going through them. BE FEARLESS. Keep your Dreams Alive & on the journey to success if you doing it bring other DREAMERS along with you who think they don't have the courage or strength. Make them see that anythings possible if your persistent & willing to go the extra mile to get to where you want to go.”

Kilpatrick takes pride, as we noted, in New York. He also proves it.