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Nets doing final due diligence on Hamidou Diallo?

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Indianapolis Practice Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Zagoria reports that Hamidou Diallo isn’t likely to make his final decision about the 2017 Draft until the last minute of Wednesdays deadline. But while he’s mulling whether to hire an agent and foreclose on returning to Kentucky, the Nets and two other teams are gathering last minute information on the 6’5” guard.

Diallo actually has until midnight Wednesday to decide and if his history is any guide, he won’t leave much time left on the clock. Our Bryan Fonseca, who’s reported on Diallo’s decision, notes that he made last minute decisions on his prep school, Putnam, and college.

In the meantime, Zagoria reports, the Nets, Jazz and Heat all reached out in recent days to Diallo’s AAU coach, Andy Borman of the New York Rens. Two weeks ago, Zagoria said the Nets, Pacers and Mavericks had spoken with Borman.

The Nets have two first round picks and a low second rounder. The Jazz have two first-round and two second-round picks, while the Heat pick at 14.

There appears to be little doubt the Nets have interest in Diallo, but just how much? They interviewed him at the Pre-Draft Combine, then had him in for a workout last Thursday and interviewed adults close to him, perhaps on more than one occasion.

Zagoria said last week’s workout “went well” but provided no details. He wrote overall that Diallo has received “mixed feedback” in his four workouts.

The Nets invited three other guards Thursday, according to reports: seniors Josh Hart of Villanova and Tyler Dorsey of Oregon as well as Andrew Jones of Texas, a freshman who’s decided to go back to school. If all had shown up, it would have been quite the test for the “none-and-done” who hasn’t played competitive basketball since last year.

Adding to the intrigue was a picture Kentucky coach John Calipari tweeted out from the HSS Training Center on Thursday, the same day Diallo was in.

He didn’t disclose what he was going there other than meeting with one of his former players, Archie Goodwin, who he said had “found a home in Brooklyn.” But one Kentucky basketball blog speculated that he’s acting as Diallo’s informal adviser and that if he can’t get Diallo to return to Lexington, he’d like to see him in Brooklyn.

Meanwhile, another local underclassmen the Nets invited in for workouts decided to return to school: PF Rawle Alkins of Brooklyn will be back at Arizona.