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The intriguing possibilities of Archie Goodwin

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Chicago Bulls Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

David Stern didn’t like the Nets decision to rest its starters in the last game of the season. Archie Goodwin did. Filling in at the point, the 22-year-old finished the game with 20 points on 7-of-11 shooting, seven rebounds, four assists along with a block and a steal in 29 minutes. Take a look...

It’s a small sample, as is the 15 games he played at season’s end, but the Nets liked Goodwin enough to give him a two-year deal covering the end of last season with a team option. It’s pretty much no risk, with Goodwin’s vets minimum deal non-guaranteed until he makes the team next October, then only $200,000 through January when all NBA contracts are guaranteed.

As Zach Cronin of Elite Sports writes Monday, the 6’5”, 190-pound Goodwin might have been one of the Nets smarter moves this season ... if he meets his potential.

Goodwin has the physicals to sustain a lengthy career as a shooting guard: 6-5 with a 6-9.5 wingspan and outstanding explosiveness. He can matchup with either guard spot, and maybe even small forwards if the opposing team is running a small lineup.

As he showed, he can play some defense as well, utilizing that athleticism and length.

Cronin calls his offense a “work-in-progress” mainly because his of his deep shooting. For his career, three years in Phoenix, one in Brooklyn, he’s shot only 23.6 percent, 25 percent with the Nets. It’s likely he’s going to be getting a lot of attention from Adam Harrington, the Nets player development director and shooting specialist.

And it’s not even deep shooting where he needs more reps. As Cronin points out, he took only 21 jumpers in 15 games .... 217 minutes. He likes going to the rim and finishing, shooting 60 percent in the paint, a nice number for a combo guard. But that was also the complaint about him in Phoenix, that he never diversified his offensive game. He must if he wants to stay in the league.

Expect the Nets to help him with his ball-handling and passing as well. The Nets seem to think that he can play the point as well as the shooting guard, experimenting with him a lot.

All that said, he improved during his time in Brooklyn and he is committed, saying he won’t be tweeting or posting Instagram or Facebook this summer. it will all be about work.

Competition will be tough in camp. Jeremy Lin, Isaiah Whitehead and Spencer Dinwiddie will all get minutes as the 1 and 2. Plus, the Nets have been scouring Europe for playmakers, starting with Milos Teodosic. If Goodwin can broaden his offense and keep showing defensive potential, there’s likely some place for him.