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Nets fan holds King Wikipedia page hostage

Billy King - Media at Mini-Camp

It’s been returned to its original form, but for a few hours on Thursday morning, someone —presumably a Nets fan— hacked into Billy King’s Wikipedia page and edited it for, uh, accuracy?

Among the changes...

—”Billy Matthew King pronounced “Fran-Chize Slay-er)”

—“He is best known for destroying the Nets in the Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce trade;” and in the personal section...

There were other, more personal, changes as well.

The changes were quickly erased but were preserved elsewhere on the Internet, no doubt to be resurrected when the Nets have to give up their first rounder, unprotected, to Boston again in June 2018.

And it’s just one of thousands of social media entries that have taken note of the 2013 trade and King’s role.

As we noted Tuesday night, Paul Pierce even got into it after the Celtics turned the swap of 2017 picks into the overall No. 1 pick.

When will it stop? Probably not anytime soon. So stay calm and carry on.