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Celtics, with Nets pick, win Draft Lottery

Washington v USC Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

And the first pick in the 2017 NBA Draft goes to ... Not the Nets.

Instead, the Celtics, the team that scammed the Nets in the 2013 trade, won the overall No. 1 pick. The pick is the next to last payment in the trade that brought Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry to the Nets. Next year’s first round pick, also unprotected, goes to Boston.

To make matters worse, Pierce tweeted out his feelings.

The Lakers finished second and the 76ers third, part of a swap with the Kings. The Kings in fact may be the biggest winner other than the Celtics and Lakers, taking home the fifth and tenth pick.

Other teams with two picks in the draft include the Nets, Trail Blazers, Lakers, Magic and Jazz.

Here’s the full Draft order... thanks to Zags Blog.

  1. Boston (from Brooklyn)
  2. Los Angeles Lakers
  3. Philadelphia (from Sacramento)
  4. Phoenix
  5. Sacramento (from Philadelphia)
  6. Orlando
  7. Minnesota
  8. New York
  9. Dallas
  10. Sacramento (from New Orleans)
  11. Charlotte
  12. Detroit
  13. Denver
  14. Miami
  15. Portland
  16. Chicago
  17. Milwaukee
  18. Indiana
  19. Atlanta
  20. Portland (from Memphis via Denver and Cleveland)
  21. Oklahoma City
  22. Brooklyn (from Washington)
  23. Toronto (from LA Clippers via Milwaukee)
  24. Utah
  25. Orlando (from Toronto)
  26. Portland (from Cleveland)
  27. Brooklyn (from Boston)
  28. Los Angeles Lakers (from Houston)
  29. San Antonio
  30. Utah (from Golden State)
  31. Atlanta (from Brooklyn)
  32. Phoenix
  33. Orlando (from Los Angeles Lakers)
  34. Sacramento (from Philadelphia via New Orleans)
  35. Orlando
  36. Philadelphia (from New York via Utah and Toronto)
  37. Boston (from Minnesota via Phoenix)
  38. Chicago (from Sacramento via Cleveland)
  39. Philadelphia (from Dallas)
  40. New Orleans
  41. Charlotte
  42. Utah (from Detroit)
  43. Houston (from Denver)
  44. New York (from Chicago)
  45. Houston (from Portland)
  46. Philadelphia (from Miami via Atlanta)
  47. Indiana
  48. Milwaukee
  49. Denver (from Memphis via Oklahoma City)
  50. Philadelphia (from Atlanta)
  51. Denver (from Oklahoma City)
  52. Washington
  53. Boston (from Cleveland)
  54. Phoenix (from Toronto)
  55. Utah
  56. Boston (from LA Clippers)
  57. Brooklyn (from Boston)
  58. New York (from Houston)
  59. San Antonio
  60. Atlanta (from Golden State via Philadelphia and Utah)

With the 22nd, 27th and 57th picks, the Nets are 17th in Tankathon’s draft power rankings. The Kings with the fifth, tenth and 34th picks are ranked first.