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Woj: Nets on the hunt for salary dumps

sean marks casual San Antonio Spurs

In an interview with Chris Mannix, Adrian Wojnarowski says the Nets are willing to take on a salary dump ... if they can get a good young player or draft pick in return.

“Brooklyn will be out there on the market looking at teams who have a bad contract they want to get off, but only if you’re willing to attach a good young player or a draft pick,” said Woj.

The general comment came during a discussion of how the Lakers might parlay draft picks into cap space that would permit them to go after Paul George. (Of course, the Lakers need to finish in the top three at tonight’s Draft lottery or they will lose their 2017 and 2019 first rounders.)

Woj cited the contracts of Timofey Mozgov (owed $48 million over three years) and Luol Deng (owed $54 million, also over three) as two the Lakers might want to dump. Neither have team or player options.

Aside from the Lakers, another team reportedly looking to dump big contracts is Portland, which has a number of players with big contracts and three first round picks in this year’s draft. (Of course, the Nets have no first or second round rounds next year and may want to add picks in the 2018 Draft, rather than this year.)

Woj also talked about the Nets 2013 trade with Boston. While declining to call it the worst trade ever, he noted that the one thing he had a hard time understanding was how the Nets didn’t take advantage of all the leverage they had at the time.