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Nets jersey ad deal with Infor surpassed

Brooklyn Nets

Fans may not like how the red Infor uniform patch clashes with the Nets black-and-white colors, but until Monday, the deal was the biggest any NBA team had concluded with an advertiser. Not anymore,

Albert Nahmad, the Miami-based cap and financial expert, tweeted out what’s known about the numbers Monday after the Cavaliers agreed to a deal with Akron-based Goodyear.

Darren Rovell provided mock-ups of how each team’s ad will look next season.

Then, USA Today reported Monday night that the Cleveland deal is bigger than the Nets, at $10 million. The Cavs were able to get the league’s first eight-figure deal because of their exposure on national TV. The Nets had one game on national TV last season.

At the time the deal was announced back in February, an inside source confirmed to Bloomberg that the deal with Infor Global Solutions is worth $8 million. Separately, a source told NetsDaily that number is “seven or eight million dollars” annually.

There has been criticism that unlike the other jersey patches, the Nets’ red, post-it note-sized Infor patch doesn’t match team colors. However, the source said that in fact Brett Yormark marketed the clash, that making the patch “pop,” in the source’s words, was a selling point.

Also, the Nets stated at the time of the announcement that as part of the tie-up, Infor will provide data analytics and technology to support the team’s business operations, fan experience initiatives and player performance.