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Jeremy Lin: Former teammates want to play for Nets

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Indiana Pacers v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

In an interview with a Chinese website,, Jeremy Lin said five former teammates approached him last season to ask if he could help them join the Nets.

According to one translation of his remarks, Lin said, “last season five former teammates texted him to ask whether the Nets could trade for them.”

Lin did not identify the teammates or their teams, but said the Nets top priority this summer should be free agents. According to the translation, Lin said the attraction to the Nets, who did have the league’s worst record, is that the Nets enjoy playing together, enjoy playing for Kenny Atkinson, and enjoying playing in the culture the Nets have created.

He added that players passing the ball freely, being happy for teammates success and playing for each other is not always the case. Lin said playing with a team of selfish teammates can “awful.”

In terms of off-season priorities, Lin said the Nets need to succeed in the free agent market and that Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson have scouted free agent candidates. Again, he did not identify who he thought would be good choices for the Nets.

Lin said he would join team workouts next week and said he would be working out with teammates, many of whom are already at HSS Training Center as well as other New York-based NBA players. He specifically cited J.J. Redick, who has a $4 million condo in Brooklyn (It’s not unusual for teams to permit players from other teams to work out at their practice facility.)

Lin said he is healthy and happy to be so. He said he will make sure to “protect” his body this coming year. He said he wants to improve his three point shooting —he hit 37.1 percent of his three’s last season. He said his goal is to hit 40 percent ... and take more deep shots as well.

Asked about other areas he hoped to improve, Lin said he has been practicing floaters and hopes to penetrate the lane more. He emphasized the value of the three pointer, noting every great point guard is also a reliable three point shooter.