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Combine Wrap-Up: Diallo, Bradley, Wagner and coaching news

NCAA Men's Final Four - Practice Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Nets aren’t much for talking about who they like or don’t like either in the draft or free agency. They see it as proprietary information, things better kept internally. It’s why they don’t release lists of participants in free agent mini-camp or draft workouts.

So, it’s more often the players and their agents who talk up what’s going on and in Day 1 on of the NBA PreDraft Combine Thursday, there was a little news. Here’s three tweets about three players who the Nets have met with or plan to meet with.

Diallo, of course, needs no introduction. Bryan Fonseca reported for ND Thursday on his situation. The 6’5” Queens native blew out the measurement portion of the day, clocking a 44.5” max vertical, the second highest ever, and a 6’11.25” wingspan, one of the longest ever for a shooting guard. Diallo has yet to hire an agent so it’s possible he’ll return to Kentucky. Draft Express has him at No. 36 on their latest mock.

Bradley is a 6’11” center prospect from the NCAA national champions who averaged 7.1 points and 5.1 rebounds in 14.6 minutes, mostly in a bench role. He’s one year removed from high school in Florida where he was one of the nation’s top recruits. He ranked as the 19th best player overall in ESPN’s high school ratings in 2016. Draft Express currently has him at No. 35. He has yet to sign with an agent and reportedly wants a first round guarantee.

Wagner is a 6’11” stretch four who hit nearly 40 percent of his three’s for Michigan last season, averaging 12.1 points and 4.2 rebounds in his sophomore year. He’s not currently projected in the first or second round by DX. He’s a German national so Nets assistant coach Chris Fleming is aware of his talents.

Speaking of Nets coaches, Bret Brelmaier, the well-regarded Nets assistant coach, was one of the coaches in the combine’s 5-on-5 games Thursday. On his team: Wagner, French big man Jonathan Jeanne and NCAA player of the year, Kansas PG Frank Mason.

Adrian Wojnarowski reported Thursday that the Nets also lost an assistant coach.

Batiste will reportedly replace Patrick Ewing, the new Georgetown coach, as Charlotte’s big man coach, the primary role he filled in Brooklyn. No word yet on who’s replacing him with the Nets.