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Atkinson praises fans, talks Brook Lopez potentially setting franchise history

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Atlanta Hawks Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- Kenny Atkinson had some nice words Saturday about the continued support from Nets fans despite the tough season. He also touched on Brook Lopez and how he might become the franchise’s all-time leading scorer by season’s end.

On fan support:

“It’s been outstanding quite honestly considering we haven’t had a ton of wins and we aren’t fighting for a playoff spot. I live in Brooklyn, I am around in Brooklyn, I’m out in Brooklyn – whether it be at the store or with my family – and the feedback I always get is ‘we understand what you’re doing. We like what you’re doing,’ and I’d say that’s a majority of the comments I get, so it’s been great – the supports been great. We understand that we’ll have to take another step next year and they should demand that and that’s on us to get better this offseason. But outstanding support. I said this when I got the job – Brooklyn is basketball. They love it so it’s been great.”

On Brook Lopez potentially passing Buck Williams:

“Buck Williams I grew up watching and I loved how he played. Just think of all the great players that have came through here and I think it speaks to his longevity and loyalty to the Nets. We love having him and he loves being here so it’s kind of a feel good story when he does get it.”


Expect to hear some more things on Brook and the fans as the Nets play their last home game of the season.