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Buck Williams: “I didn’t anticipate the record standing for over 27 years”

Buck Williams of the New Jersey Nets Photo by Rick Stewart /Getty Images

In an interview with Brian Lewis, Buck Williams says he didn’t anticipate his Nets career scoring record to last 27 years.

“I didn’t anticipate the record standing for over 27 years. No, I didn’t see it standing that long,’’ Williams told The Post beat reporter. Now, Brook Lopez is within 35 points of breaking it, bypassing the 10,440 points Williams scored in eight seasons.

“I’ve had my career. I’m pretty content with what I’ve done,” Williams said. “I wish him well. We’ll be linked together. I don’t look at it [as a bad thing]. I’m happy he’s had the kind of career he had, to be spoken with the Nets franchise as I am.

“It’s an honor for me to be mentioned with a young guy like that, who’s had a career like that. He’s a good player, a good person, who kept his head down and worked hard like I did. I can’t think of a better player to break my record.”

Lopez, who didn’t play well Thursday vs the Magic, is almost embarrassed by the attention that keeps growing as he gets closer and closer to the record. After all, only 30 players hold the distinction at any one time.

“That’d be something super-meaningful for anybody in the league,” Lopez’s twin brother, Robin, told The Post. “Obviously he’s going to keep it team-oriented in everything, but that’s a heck of an accomplishment.”

Kenny Atkinson agrees. “So it’s a great accomplishment for him, and it’s pretty cool for the organization to have a guy that’s been here that long and loves being here.”

With 35 points to go, it seems unlikely that Lopez will break the record vs. the Bulls on Saturday in Brooklyn. Which is too bad.