Bring "Biggie" to Brooklyn


Caleb "Biggie" Swanigan

Culture, has been the word used at every opportunity the front office has been in front of a mic.

When putting the words "Culture & Brooklyn" together, one name pops into everyone’s minds. He too used a mic to spread his gospel, which has been embedded into this borough and that’s "Big Poppa" - "Biggie Smalls".

With all Nets reporters and bloggers throwing names around, one name hasn’t been mentioned which I find amusing. He is a rebound machine which the Nets have lacked. He grabbed over 20 rebounds four times, 28 double-doubles and who is extremely physical, which is a current Net’s flaw.

A guy who shot over 45% beyond the arc (Fits the Brooklyn Style) and boast’s a 7’3 ½ wingspan. He finished arguably the most improved player this season. He is - Caleb "Biggie" Swanigan.

Biggie, who has overcome obesity, been sent from homeless shelter to homeless shelter, and has had to deal with a father with a crack cocaine addiction.

A sad upbringing similar to another late first round pick named Jimmy Butler. Like Butler, Biggie has fire and grit to elevate his game to Butler’s level. Biggie has slimmed down allowing him to go from 10pts to 18pts and 8rebs to 12rebs.

Cheesecake is Biggies favourite food, dangerous if he ends up in New York…. However, if biggies flaw is athleticism and conditioning, the Nets have the best backroom team to do their due diligence, and to me it’s a less of a flaw compared to taking a risk on ACL surgery draftee’s like O.G Anunoby or Harry Giles. I wouldn’t be against using one of our picks to nab Giles/Anunoby and place whoever with the Long Island Nets over 2017 playing limited minutes and every second game, ready for 2018. Be like a top 3 pick in 2018 where we have no first rounder’s.

To me I see Biggie being a cult-like hero here in Brooklyn. A guy who has come from the streets and is determined, with the skill-set matched for our new style. Him beside Lopez would cause havoc, along with complementing Lopez’s flaws. When not hitting threes, he could be a player who needs doubling up on, this clears space in keeping with our style.

Dear I say it, if Lopez went down injured for a long period, we would have a guy who could switch to a small 5, and still keep the points ticking. This to me is very important this season, we have to cover our best players as we lack quality.

Mark my words, Caleb "Biggie" Swanigan will be the dark horse this draft. He can hypnotize (see what I did) this borough and like Jimmy, has the hunger to be a great. If we can make him more athletic, Biggie’s old school "Charles Barkley" power forward style will bring the smiles to the deprived Nets fans faces.

"He’s driven," Purdue coach Matt Painter said. "He's driven to play in the NBA, but yet he's already a professional. He works at it, comes early, stays late, puts in his time."

He also has the academic’s that Mark’s likes too, boasting a 3.30 GPA. He spends many hours volunteering and teaching kids in schools. A role model to the community.

Marketing him here would be easy.

Biggie to Brooklyn, makes sense.


My other first round pick would be – Hamidou Diallo

When Diallo finds his shooting, he will be elite. His athleticism is electric along with length fits our fast-pace system. Imagine his speed, which will create space for Brook & Biggie to reign down threes. He’s young with huge reward. Speed kills, and Diallo has plenty.


My late second round "surprise" pick would be – Tai Webster

Yes, I’m guessing you have no idea who this is… However, Lonzo Ball will know all about him. Webster destroyed the UCLA guard Ball with 19pts-7assists-7rebounds,2steals playing for Nebraska.

A defending machine, who smothered Ball, he has size, shooting, and he, like Sean Mark’s is a New Zealander. Marks will know all about him, he is a sleeper with comparisons to the Buck’s Malcolm Brogdon. Marks’ is friends with his older brother too. Watch out for this one to be a stash. No site has him in the draft, but wouldn’t be surprised to see this happen.


My Pipe dream trade proposal

Nets receive – D. Murray, P. Gasol and (Spurs 2017 29th pick)

Spurs receive – J. Lin, R. Hollis-Jefferson

Why Spurs do this - they are a win now franchise, with expectation to compete for the title each year. Granted Murray looks the real deal; however, he needs minutes to elevate his craft. Spurs need a ready-made Point Guard to help Leonard, Aldridge and Green, not to mention Lin at $11 million a season is a steal over 3 years.

Why Nets do this – no player is bigger than the franchise, and we are still in rebuild mode. We also need to grow and be in a position to be in the mix for 2019 top 3 picks which boasts potential franchise players such as, Marvin Bagley Jr, Zion Williamson or Moses Brown. Also another pick in this stacked 2017 draft courtesy from the Spurs.

I don’t want to create a 35+ win team, just to, at best go out early in the post season and also have a mid 1st round pick come 2019.

Having a back court duo who are both young athletic 6’5" speedster’s in Murray & Diallo would boast a bright future. We can give time, and have no real expectation to succeed just yet. I like Lin, but love the Nets and we need to think of the bigger picture.

Imagine in two seasons a starting five like below, ready for the start of 2018 and to underachieve short term, to be able to acquire Marvin Bagley Jr who will be the heir to Brook…




Or my free agent targets

Mike Muscala – Good bench player who is still young, mobile and shoots 41% beyond the arc.

Ben McLemore – Once dubbed they new Ray Allen, he has been underappreciated, underrated, undervalued and underused in a team that has many Shooting Guards at there disposal. Remember Tim Hardaway Jr was in a similar circumstance until the Hawks gave him an opportunity with trust and got rewards. He needs minutes. Having just became a father, its time to grow/step up. Much cheaper option than Hardaway Jr.

Stefan Jovic - A fellow Serbian like Milos Teodosic, but 4 years younger and most probably haft the price. Yet has similar vision like Teodosic, On October 2016, he made 16 assists in 24minutes. Would complement feeding our sharp shooters.

"The Sky’s the limit",

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