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Sean Marks: Off-season will be busy, “exciting”

Brooklyn Nets/Irina Pavlova

In another section of his interview with the YES Network’s Nets Magazine, Sean Marks said the organization has planned for the draft and free agency for “months and months.” As part of the effort, the Nets will hold free agent camps this summer, Marks said.

“It’s all good, it's a fun, exciting time,” said the Nets GM of the off-season. “It's not something you plan for the summer right now. We've been planning for months and months.”

Soon, he told Kustok, the Nets will begin their off-season schedule.

“It’s on to mini camps, free agency camps, the draft and then free agency itself,” he said in the interview recorded April 8. “I think a lot of people are really excited, let's get there. This is exciting. Let’s get the ball rolling.”

“Mini-camps” apparently refers to draft prospect workouts, which run on a nearly daily basis prior to June 22 and begin in the next few weeks. The “free agency camps” are for veterans seeking work in the NBA. All will be held at the HSS Training Center.

It will be the second year the Nets have held free agency camps, suggesting it’s now an off-season fixture. In previous years, the camps were not an annual event.

Last summer,Brooklyn held two, one at the end of May, another in mid-June. The first was for players who were more often D-League veterans; the second mainly for those European players whose seasons often last into late May or June. Last year, the Nets signed one free agent out of the camps, Anthony Bennett. Others wound up on the Nets summer league team.

The Nets do not publicize who’s been invited to either the draft workouts or free agent camps but the identities of those attending are often disclosed by the players or their agents.

Marks also talked to Kustok about the draft, reiterating a lot of what he discussed during last week’s end-of-season press conference.

“It's another tool in our tool box,” he said of the draft. “It's nice to have a first round pick. It's better to have two and we'll just see what happens. I think we can be a little more flexible now. People have commented, 'this is a deep draft' and so forth.

“We'll wait and see. If the players are there that we like, that's great and it's exciting for us. Again, i think we will be fluid and strategic in how we use those two picks and we'll figure it out the best we can.”