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Sean Marks: The 3 “needs to be addressed”

NBA: New York Knicks at Brooklyn Nets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview for YES Network’s Nets Magazine before the last home game, Sean Marks said that while the Nets have a number of needs, “I think we know the 3 position for us is certainly one that needs to be addressed.”

While Caris LeVert filled the role at the end of the season, there’s plenty of indications that the Nets would like to see the 6’7” LeVert at shooting guard or even combo guard.

Marks was asked by Sarah Kustok what position he thought he needed to “fortify” in the off-season, the Nets GM identified the small forward, but noted as well “We need to look at everyone.”

“I think we know the 3 position for us is certainly one that needs to addressed. I look at it too that we have some free agents of our own who we need to know what’s going to happen with them there first.

“Again, where we are in our life cycle its not where we can say, 'we're only missing this.' To be honest, we need to look at everybody. We're looking at the best players available. That's coming through the draft, that's coming through free agency.”

It’s the first time Marks has been so specific about team needs.

At another point, the GM was clear that the Nets “don't want to get into a revolving door because there's something to be said for the continuity of the team chemistry as well. But I think we to be as well, as I said before, strategic.”

It was one several areas where Kustok questioned Marks. In general, Marks said “Overall, I'm very, very happy with our trajectory of where we're heading, not only with our players but our staff. the whole group has.”

Marks noted that he’s had to be flexible with “wrinkles” as the team went through a number of changes.

“We've had to deal with our starting point guard out 40 plus games, that changes things up a little bit. the trade deadline changed things up a little bit when we moved Bojan (Bogdanovic). The fact that we've brought in some younger guys throughout the year changes things up a little bit, too.”

Marks had praise for the younger (and more athletic) players the Nets brought in at the end of the season, saying “most of them, if not all of them, are playing above their salaries.” He cited Spencer Dinwiddie and Quincy Acy in particular.

“The guys we've brought in, I think we've been pleasantly surprised. I'll speak for the coaching staff, the feedback I've had from them, as well as from the front office. They've done a great job jumping right into the system. They're all high character guys. So we knew that coming in and we weren't going to have an issue with that...

“I think Spencer (Dinwiddie) has played really well, Quincy (Acy) has played extremely well.”

As far as surprises, he cited the Nets two draft picks, Caris LeVert and Isaiah Whitehead.

“Unexpected? I think on a positive aspect, a few things that stand out. I think that where Isaiah has come from. Obviously, he was somewhat fortunate to be thrown right in there to get that court time which is pretty rare for a guy who was a second round pick in Isaiah's case and he and Caris getting thrown out there early in the fire. They've developed well, they've come along well...

“Caris ... we brought along so slowly, throughout the year, being very strategic with him, know that he's missed a lot of college games, make sure we got the foot right, the body right, develop that, and we've seen the progress through the year.”

He also joked, “I would never had told you Brook would shoot so many three's ... and make them.”

As for the fanbase, Marks spoke with gratitude that the support was so strong.

“It's one of those things that never ceases to amaze me. The passion from the fans ... and I hope they can tell how passionate I am and everyone I am lucky enough to work with here and Kenny is as passionate as they get.

“And he said when he first came out here, 'Brooklyn is basketball.' And to be quite frank I didn't understand what that meant. He had a better idea of that, having grown up here. Then, I've lived it. I've lived it for a year and I've seen the fan base has come out.”

“I think they can understand they're playing with a purpose. There's a reason why they're doing what they're doing. And they're behind us and it's great. And it's great that ownership has been on board with this as well.”

The next broadcast of the magazine will be at 7:30 a.m. Monday. Set your DVR’s.