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Lopez, Lin expect to recruit free agents to Brooklyn

Chicago Bulls v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

There have been rumors about who the Nets will go after this summer, but the team has never confirmed names. Moreover, under league rules, they can’t. Still, the names are out there: Milos Teodosic and Nicolo Melli from Europe; Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Otto Porter closer to home. There’s also been some talk of George Hill and Jonathon Simmons.

On other side of the recruiting effort, expect the Nets two top players — Brook Lopez and Jeremy Lin to meet and greet prospects at HSS Training Center and travel to wherever else the Nets might need them to go.

“I’m sure I’ll be involved,” Lin said Thursday during season-ending exit interviews. “I’m sure when July comes around, I’ll be trying to pitch. I’ll know what the plans are, and I’m sure I’ll be pitching and doing my best to get these guys to come.”

Lopez was a big part of last summer’s recruiting, traveling to California to meet with Allen Crabbe, to Florida to talk to Tyler Johnson before those two signed offer sheets (that were ultimately matched). He knows what he’s going to pitch this summer, the team’s togetherness as well as potential.

“We’ve grown so much together, going out to team dinners … going to Disney while we were in Orlando,’’ Lopez said. “All those little things, it was huge on our camaraderie and helped us become what we were toward the end of the season.”

The Nets couldn’t even get Kevin Durant to come to Brooklyn last July despite a personal plea from his agent, Jay-Z, and a host of personal and professional connections. It was, according to one team insider, a wake-up call of how far they have to go.

Now, it’s different, the organization hopes. They’re proven how family friendly they are with a host of little things, they showed they could win when healthy. And of course, there’s New York, where they are the only team that doesn’t force players to run the triangle.

“That’s an easy sell,” Kenny Atkinson said. “We have great fans. … Every game they’ve been amazing. So we’ve got great fans, a great basketball city, great practice facility. We’re getting mojo around the league that it’s a pleasant place to play; guys like that. So I just think guys will look at it and say maybe this is a place where I can get an opportunity and help this team improve.”