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With Brook-Lin resting, will chances for Indy pick rise?

This is a revised, corrected version of our earlier post.

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Orlando Magic Jeff Griffith-USA TODAY Sports

In short, the answer is no.

No one should accuse the Nets of tanking to get a measly second round pick. The organization’s decision to rest Brook Lopez, Jeremy Lin and Trevor Booker vs. Chicago won't help their chances of picking up another second round pick in June's NBA Draft. And in fact, there is no chance the Nets will get that pick ... this year.

Let us explain.

Under terms of last year’s Thaddeus Young-for-Caris LeVert trade, if Indiana’s pick is between 31 and 44, it would convey to the Nets. Normally, that would mean if the Pacers failed to make the playoffs, BUT..

There’s a hitch.

in case of a tie, the second round order is the inverse of the first round. So the Pacers pick would be No. 46, outside the protection on the pick. Confused? (Yeah. So were we.)

Albert Nahmad, the capologist, tweeted out his analysis Tuesday night.

“More valuable” as in better draft position as the pick rolls over, with the same protections, through 2022, then becomes unprotected in 2023.

Brooklyn already has the Wizards first round pick (now at No. 22) and the Celtics first (No. 27) as well as Boston’s second rounder (No. 57). The Nets also have $3.4 million to buy a pick, about what a mid-second rounder would run.

Of course, the remaining Nets are unlikely to just lie down on Wednesday night. Moreover, the players slated to replace Lopez and Lin are fighting for a place on the team next season. Expect big minutes for Andrew Nicholson and Archie Goodwin among others. Overall, six Nets have team options for next season.

“Our young guys are trying to prove themselves. That helps. They’re fighting for minutes, they’re fighting for contracts, they’re fighting for their future,’’ Kenny Atkinson said. “So, we have a nice mix of young kids that are trying to come up and then a veteran group that cares a lot.”