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NetsDaily Draft Watch - Tuesday, April 11

From poster GNYR, a daily update on where we stand as season winds down

NBA: NBA Draft 2015 Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

As of Tuesday, the Nets have the 22nd, 27th, and 57th pick in the draft ... and still have a chance at the 44th pick if Indiana falters in Game 82.

1. Indiana, Miami and Chicago were all in action last night. They all won. As a result, Indiana's second round pick could still convey to the Nets. Miami and Chicago need to win and Indiana needs to lose on Wednesday night. Miami has Washington left. Indiana has Atlanta. Chicago has your Brooklyn Nets.

2. Boston's pick now stands at 27th. As of today, the Boston pick will either be the 26th pick or the 27th pick. If Boston wins their last game and Cleveland loses, Boston's pick will stand at 27th. If Boston loses and Cleveland wins, there will be a tie. If they both lose, Boston pick will be the 27th pick. If there are teams tied with the same record at season's end, there will be a drawing on Thursday to determine draft order. Playoff seeding is irrelevant to draft order.

3. Washington's pick still stands at the 22nd slot. As of Tuesday, Washington's pick can go as low as the 22nd slot and as high as the 25th slot. Washington needs to win their last game and Clippers and Utah need to lose for Washington to tie. Washington is one game back of both teams. And again, if there’s a tie, there will be a drawing Thursday.


Nothing will change overnight so no new Draft Watch until Thursday morning, when things still may not be settled!

The Nets also have $3.425 million in cash considerations to purchase a pick, if they choose.