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Dinwiddie talks hoops ... and his Nets future

New York Knicks v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

In the latest episode of “BBall Breakdown with coach Nick,” Spencer Dinwiddie talks about two things. He and the coach go through how the 6’6” point guard outsmarted and outquicked the Bulls’ defense time and time again Sunday ... and how he hopes his future is in Brooklyn.

Here’s the episode... all 23 minutes and 25 seconds of it:

As the Breakdown video shows, Dinwiddie was able to score repeatedly, getting into the lane and using a number of finishing techniques he practices with the Nets’ coaching staff.

Then, with 32 seconds left and the game tied at 103, Dinwiddie notes that Kenny Atkinson wanted the ball in Jeremy Lin’s hands for the key possession. But Jerian Grant did a good job of denying the ball and it was now up to Dinwiddie. He fakes a handoff to Brook Lopez before taking it into the lane himself, getting fouled and making both free throws.

On the next play, where Dinwiddie grabbed the rebound off a Jimmy Butler miss, he admits Dwyane Wade boxed him out, but that the Hall of Famer jumped too soon. That allowed him to get the ball, again get fouled and again make both to secure the game.

After breaking down about Dinwiddie’s performance in the game, Coach Nick asked him about his time with the Nets. Dinwiddie, whose contract runs another two years at the vets minimum, talked about how much he wants to stay in Brooklyn ... and why.

“Right now, I have two team options left on my deal, so it looks like I'll be here. Who knows, you never know in this business how anything can happen or how it will all shake out but I've loved my time here and hopefully look forward to being here for a long time. The organization is great. The staff is great and hopefully we can turn this thing around and just make the playoffs next year. That'd be nice.”

As for his off-season on-court plans, Dinwiddie said he hopes to improve his three-point shot, particularly off the dribble. The 24-year-old is shooting 38.9 percent from the arc this season — after shooting 17.3 percent in his two years with Detroit. He thinks he can improve so that he’s shooting “high 30's low 40's” on a regular basis. He talked as well about improving his “defensive pressure.”