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Quincy Acy has been a pleasant surprise for the Nets

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Charlotte Hornets Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Before he signed with the Brooklyn Nets, Quincy Acy was known for doing the “little things”.

He hustles after loose balls, plays tough defense and rebounds the basketball. In today’s game, a player who possesses these traits is often overlooked. The hefty contributions don’t show up in the box score as much as other stats.

Acy, who’s struggled to find a home in the NBA, has shown that he’s more than just that guy who does the “little things”. Turns out he can hit the 3-point ball at a pretty impressive rate.

Who knew? Apparently the Nets front office. And Acy himself.

“I think God just works in mysterious ways,” Acy told Greg Logan. “I went from the Mavericks, where I made one or two threes, even though Coach [Rick Carlisle] was encouraging me to shoot it, to the D-League, which is what really boosted my confidence as far as game reps and game shots.

“I worked to better my shot, and my confidence is growing. I think the sky’s the limit.”

In 15 games with the Nets, Acy has nailed 18 of his 32 3-point attempts (56.3 percent). He’s hit a three in 12 of the 15 contests he’s played in. He played a combined 16 minutes in the three games he failed to hit a three. Small sample size, sure, but still impressive nonetheless.

That’s not all. He’s averaging seven points and nearly three rebounds in just 12 minutes per game. Although a smaller sample size than the rest, Acy has the highest offensive rating on the team (135.3). His 72.5 true shooting percentage is also a team-high, while his PER 36 is at 21.6 points.

Kenny Atkinson and the staff have taken notice of all the things he brings to the table.

“You feel it when he steps on the court,” Kenny Atkinson said before the game against Portland. “He has a level of aggressiveness and a level of competitiveness that we’re looking for. He’s pretty versatile… a much better shooter than I thought. He can pick and pop, but can also drive it to the rim and roll to the rim. I like what he brings defensively. He can guard multiple positions; he can switch onto guards because he’s quick enough and fast enough. Really positive signs so far from Quincy.”

After succeeding during his two 10-day contracts, Acy nabbed a two-year deal with the team, with a team option next season. Immediately after he signed the deal, the 26-year-old journeyman bought his former D-League teammates and staff $250 gift cards and pairs of shoes.

Hits the three? Check. Good character? Check. Sounds like a Brooklyn Net under the new regime.

How solid will this acquisition be long-term? So far it’s represented Sean Marks’ M.O. as GM of the Brooklyn Nets: subtle, low-risk but high-reward moves.