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George to the Rescue ... along with the Nets

Darren Lederman was a huge Nets fan his entire life. He decorated his seven-year-old son Noah's bedroom in Nets gear, both of the Brooklyn and New Jersey variety. It was their way of bonding. Then, a year ago, Darren died, only 41 years old, a victim of leukemia. He left his wife, Stacey, Noah and his daughter Emma behind.

To help them through their grief --and a move back to Stacey's parents home in Westfield, NJ-- WNBC's "George to the Rescue" remodeled the family's home -- and enlisted the Nets, including Brook Lopez, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and the Brooklynettes to help out with the "rescue." The entire family, grandparents included, visited HSS Training Center, then watched the redecoration of Noah's room.

It is a must watch.