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Teodosić: NBA has to meet “my competitive ambitions” and “financial aspect”

FIBA Olympic Basketball Qualifying Tournament Photo by Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images

Miloš Teodosić turned 30 Sunday and like anyone hitting a milestone, he’s thinking about his future, maybe in the NBA. The 6’5” guard, Europe’s top playmaker and arguably the best player outside the NBA, has been linked to the Nets and Sean Marks will be in Moscow on Wednesday to give him a look.

Has he committed to playing in the NBA? Not quite, but after winning the Euroleague title last year along with a silver medal at the Rio Olympics, he’s thinking seriously about it.

In his blog on, the Euroleague’s official blog, the Serbian star laid out the basis of his decision-making...

“It’s true that I’m seriously thinking about the possibility of the NBA, but nothing has transpired yet, and nothing will until the summer. I’ve said before that, in order for me to go to the USA, a team has to meet both my competitive ambitions – which is the most important thing – and everything that has to do with the financial aspect as well as the aspect of the length of my contract.”

Teodosić did not specify either “competitive ambitions” or the “financial aspects,” but it’s not hard to extrapolate what he means by either.

Teodosić is a winner. A big part of his blog is about CSKA Moscow’s quest for back-to-back wins in the Euroleague and Russian league ... and teaming with Nikola Jokic of Denver in this summer’s European championship. Could the Nets, in the midst of a rebuild, be attractive to him?

Also, he wants to start. He has said that in the past and in a video he posted in his blog, Jokic talks about how he’s certain Teodosić can play in the NBA. Jokic is also quite clear about his teammate’s desires. “He wants to play here but I know he doesn't wants to come here and be on the bench.”

As for the money, Teodosić isn’t coming here on the kind of deal another European playmaker, Sergio Rodriguez, got from Philadelphia last summer. Rodriguez, who was also pursued by the Nets, got a one-year, $8 million contract. Think three or four years, which would mean a commitment until Teodosić is 33 or 34.

The Nets have been identified by multiple sources, including news outlets in Serbia, as being one of two teams with high interest. The other is Denver. Both have cap space galore and the Nuggets of course have Jokic. The Nets connection reportedly is Trajan Langdon, who played eight years for CSKA. Mikhail Prokhorov of course owned the team for a decade, but before Teodosić joined them.

Teodosić says he won’t even think about a decision until after he’s done with the Euroleague.

“Then, as a free agent, I’m going to think and decide about my future, after first thoroughly examining all the prospects that I have. “

Watch this space!