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How interested are Nets in Otto Porter?

Brooklyn Nets v Washington Wizards Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

It has become an article of faith among Nets fans that the team is likely to go all-in on Otto Porter next July. They could even offer the NBA’s leading three point shooter a max deal, hoping that scares off the Wizards who already have two max deals in John Wall and Bradley Beal.

No one in the front office is saying anything about their off-season plans, but they no doubt have some. So what is the possibility. Brian Lewis in the Post suggests Washington expects the Nets to make a bid.

“The feeling in Washington, and around the league, is Porter likely will be at the top of the Nets’ wish list,” Lewis wrote of Potter who did little Wednesday night to hurt his value. The 6’8” small forward had 20 points, 10 rebounds and generally helped the Wizards hold off the Nets with a series of smart plays.

“He’s really one of the top small forwards in the league,’’ Kenny Atkinson said.

Lewis also quotes Scott McGuire, a long-time NBA scout, who says Porter would be ideal for Brooklyn.

“I don’t know if he takes a bad shot ever. … That’s something he worked on, took seriously and corrected. I love a player that all he does is help you do major things, minor things and things you don’t even notice. Depending on what Washington [does)] you’ve got to try and get him.”

There are, however, free agency restrictions in the new CBA. A player’s current team will be able to make more lucrative offers. And of course, the Nets are 0-for-3 in signing restricted free agents, having lost out on Tyler Johnson, Allen Crabbe and Donatas Motiejunas when their team matched the Nets’ offer sheet. One positive in the new CBA: teams will have only two days, rather than three, to decide on a match.