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Stein: Nets talked to Detroit about Andre Drummond

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Brooklyn Nets Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

It seems far-fetched and it no doubt is but Marc Stein reports Wednesday the Net spoke to the Pistons about suddenly available Andre Drummond.

In a story about how the Pistons are gauging interest in the 7’0” center, Stein noted...

The Brooklyn Nets, sources say, are another team Detroit has engaged with on Drummond.

That was it, as far the Nets, but based on that one line, it would appear the Pistons made the first move. Still, local media in Detroit think a trade is unlikely. But management is making calls.

"Jeff talks to virtually every team in the league all the time," Pistons coach and team president Stan Van Gundy told local reporters Tuesday night, referring to Detroit general manager Jeff Bower.

"As I've said before, every name on our roster has come up. That's his job. That's what we're supposed to be doing. There hasn't been a serious discussion about Andre, but that doesn't mean there haven't been discussions about Andre. The concern, I guess, would be from Andre's standpoint if nobody had any interest in him."

Drummond, still only 23, is averaging 14.6 points and 13.8 rebounds. An athlete of the first order, Drummond’s offense is limited and his foul shooting has been horrid his entire five-year career. His 43.9 percent so far this season is the best of his career.

The Pistons have been a big disappointment this season.

The only way for the Nets to take on Drummond is for them to trade Brook Lopez. The two big men make almost exactly the same amount of money, $21.1 million.

Brooklyn Nets Trade Deadline Needs

What do the Brooklyn Nets need as the NBA Trade Deadline approaches? Well, everything.

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