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Which teams have “significant interest” in Bogie?

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NBA: Sacramento Kings at Brooklyn Nets Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

There’s been little added reporting on when (and if) Bojan Bogdanovic will be traded, or for who, but overnight, there has been some indication that interest in the 6’8” swingman is a bit broader.

Adrian Wojnarowski reported Tuesday afternoon that teams interested in Bogie “are ramping up on offers, process moving closer to Nets choosing best available deal.” But the Wizards were the only team identified.

Now, it appears that two other teams have interest. About 30 minutes into a podcast Tuesday night, Woj said the Kings as well as the Wizards have “significant interest.” And Brian Lewis added the Cavaliers to the list.

In talking with Bobby Marks and Chris Mannix, Woj said...

“Bogdanovic ... Washington has interest. Sacramento and Washington, sources tell me, have significant interest in him. I reported earlier that teams were ramping up their offers, feeling the Nets were getting closer to making a decision of Bogdanovic.”

He added that Washington had preferred Lou Williams of the Lakers but the Rockets made a better offer. “Bogdanovic is a pretty big dropoff from Lou Williams and ending up with Bogdanovic.”

Marks, the Nets former assistant GM now with The Vertical, agreed, noting that Bogdanovic is “26, 27 years old” and his status as an RFA could hurt his value, particularly with Washington.

“He's a restricted free agent so you’re going to have to figure out what you're going to pay him,” said Marks. “If you were Washington and you were to acquire him, you're looking at a high payroll. Otto Porter is going to cost you close to a max deal.”

Even without Bogdanovic or Porter, Marks pointed out the Wizards will have $95 million in guaranteed deals this summer and Porter could put them at near $120 million, which he indicated was a bit much for the personnel.

Meanwhile, Brian Lewis hinted that Cleveland could have interest as well, but without any details.

“Cleveland and Washington are in the mix, with the latter reportedly considering offering a first-round pick. If the season ended today, the Wizards would have the No. 24 pick,” wrote Lewis.

The Cavaliers don’t have a first round pick in this year’s draft, and can’t trade their 2018 first round pick, and a low pick in a draft years away doesn’t seem like a good deal for a player averaging 14.2 points a game.