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LeVert, Whitehead still clinging to rookie ladder

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NBA: Indiana Pacers at Brooklyn Nets Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Scott Howard-Cooper of has been a big fan of the Nets two rookies. They’ve been the bottom two rungs of his Rookie Ladder for a month, with Caris LeVert and Isaiah Whitehead alternating in the ninth and tenth spots.

But some lacklustre play from the two is putting their status in jeopardy, Howard-Cooper writes in his latest column, noting “a few possibilities pressing for Ladder consideration.” Translation: here comes Yogi Ferrell, who doesn’t quite have the minutes yet.

Both Nets have had a couple of mediocre weeks, as the writer notes. LeVert gets the easier treatment at No. 9...

Going from missing the first 20 games while recovering from a knee injury to pushing for a spot in the top 10 in the class in minutes by mid-February is a nice accomplishment and, more importantly, a positive sign for his health. It also comes with LeVert shooting 34 percent in his last 10 outings and 32.4 percent in February. That’s a temporary problem for now -- he is ninth in field-goal percentage -- but will become an issue if the slump carries into March.

Whitehead, who’s been sharing minutes with a rising Spencer Dinwiddie, seems more in jeopardy at No. 10...

He is close to moving into second place in assists among rookies in a battle with Harrison after recording at least four assists in five of his last nine games. Whitehead is also ninth in scoring and 11th in minutes. But with a few possibilities pressing for Ladder consideration, he will need either the assists to go up or the turnovers to go down, or both, to solidify a spot.

Still, the 42nd pick in the Draft has been in the rookie top 10 for more than two months, being as high as sixth.

FYI, Buddy Hield, who’s being traded to Sacramento, is fifth this week.