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The adventures of Jeremy Neutron, uh Lin, Boy Genius


We don’t expect much when Jeremy Lin takes the court on February 24. After all, he will have had only two practices separated by eight days, one just before the Nets last game, vs. Milwaukee, and one just before the Nets next game, vs. the Nuggets.

But maybe we are being too conservative. Maybe Lin will surprise us ... with a new hairstyle. Here’s what he posted on Instagram on Friday...

Secret Project lollll. Didnt think itd be possible to do this ha #afrolife #jimmyneutron

A post shared by Jeremy Lin (@jlin7) on

Do we have any indication Lin would actually take the court looking like this? No, we do not? Do we have any indication that Sean Marks and/or Kenny Atkinson would raise questions about this? No, we do not. Does the CBA, new or old, have anything to say about this? We hope not.

We do know that Lin has “experimented” with his hair before. From his crew cut look during Linsanity, he’s worn his hair in pony tails, cornrows and an extremely spiky hair. While on the bench of late, it’s been braids, which is what we expected he’d look like... until Friday. Now, we don’t know. We’re just happy he’s happy. After missing more than 40 games, that’s all that matters.

So far, we can only find one comment from a teammate, Spencer Dinwiddie.

Gotta think there will be more. Lin’s hair is a target-rich environment.