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Brooklyn Nets Podcast - The Glue Guys Interview Bobby Marks

Cleveland Cavaliers v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Glue Guys are joined by the Vertical’s (and former Nets exec) Bobby Marks to talk the most pressing Nets questions concerning the upcoming trade deadline. A couple of highlights via Marks:

(19:00) - Marks on Brook Lopez Trade Value: Tough since the market for centers is down from the past few years, says right now it looks like centers are worth a 1st round pick outside the lottery.

(26:00) - On Carmelo Anthony: two things holding back on trade value, Melo’s no trade clause and lack of interest among top teams.

(30:00) - On who else on the Nets has trade appeal: Bojan probably would draw the most interest outside Brook.

(46:31) - On whether Brook will be trade: No insider info but believes there will be a team that steps up to the plate and predicts Brook will be traded by the deadline.

Other topics touched on: (34:40) what's the motivation for a team to leak trade discussions, (44:00) RFA changes in the new CBA and how it helps the Nets.

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