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Lin practices, expected to return after All-Star Break

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Brooklyn Nets

Mark February 24 on your calendar. The Nets expect Jeremy Lin to return to the court... and hopefully for the rest of the season.

Lin went through a full practice Tuesday and afterwards, Kenny Atkinson said he expects his point guard to play in the first game after the All-Star Break, on February 24 in Denver. Lin, troubled by multiple hamstring strains, has missed all but 12 games this season.

Monday marked three weeks since the Nets said Lin would be out three to five weeks.

Kenny Atkinson liked what he saw in practice, even if Lin didn’t.

“He did pretty much everything, even a little extra afterwards, played a little full-court,’’ Atkinson said. “He’s going to get that 10-day All-Star period to get his rhythm, get in better shape, work on his cardio. So, good news. He looked good, shot the ball well. His conditioning he’s got to work on a little bit.”

Lin offered his take as well...

The Nets play again Wednesday night at Barclays vs. Milwaukee before heading their separate ways for the All-Star Break, then regathering for their “circus road trip,” which starts in Denver.

He will have two more practices with the Nets, one Tuesday, then on on February 23, the day before he returns. In between, Lin will work out away from HSS Training Center. Coincidentally, that’s the NBA trade deadline.