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What’s your favorite Nets-Knicks game?

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Knicks v Nets Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Fred Kerber has probably covered more Nets-Knicks games than any reporter, for the Daily News and the Post; in New Jersey and New York, in richness and in poorness (where we find the two teams today).

So he has compiled a list of the top 10 moments he’s covered, from the early days of the rivalry through the first game between the two in Brooklyn played in October 2012.

It’s all there. KMart calling Tim Thomas “Fugazy;” Jason Kidd’s revenge on Stephon Marbury; LinSanity Part I; the bowling ball pass that split two defenders; and our favorite, that first night the Nets hosted the Knicks at Barclays, where as Kerber writes, “fans chanted ‘Brooook-lynnnnn’ all the way to the subways.”

Which one was yours? Discuss!