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Now the mayor’s dissing the Nets!

World AIDS Day 2017 Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for Housing Works, Inc.

Wow, the Nets have lost the mayor. Rich Calder of the Post, who covers City Hall, was with New York’s mayor, Bill DeBlasio at a Town Hall in Queens when a man in a Nets jacket rose to ask a question...

Yeah, that’s an unsolicited diss. Damning by faint praise.

DeBlasio has a home in Brooklyn, but he was born in Manhattan and raised in Cambridge, Mass. where he became a Red Sox fan. Celtics too, maybe? Still, a decade ago, as a city councilman from Brooklyn’s brownstone belt, the future mayor supported the Nets and Atlantic Yards, winning him a lot of criticism from community opponents.

But as the night wore on at the Queens event, Calder reports that the Mayor added insult to injury.

The Mayor just won re-election to another four-year term. So he’s safe. Perhaps by the time he’s ready to hand over Gracie Mansion to his successor, the Nets rebuild will have produced results the mayor can embrace.

The Nets ultimately responded, with respect.

And the mayor’s spokesman tried to bring peace by saying the mayor may show up at a game soon.