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From the Nets to Jay-Z: A cake and a night to remember

Jay-Z on Nets Logo

Cake, cake-cake, cake-cake, uhh, I'm just gettin' started”

Monday marked the 48th birthday of Brooklyn’s hip-hop legend, business ... man, former Brooklyn Nets (minority) owner and one-time face of the franchise, Jay-Z. And although he spends a lot more time now in L.A., Hova was in New York for his concerts at Nassau Coliseum.

The birthday, two short of the Big One, received quite a bit of attention in tributes, quotes, thank you posts, and things of that nature. You know, run-of-the-mill stuff for an icon in music, and, frankly, the culture in general.

But something else has hit the media stream, garnering a lot more attention than it probably would’ve if it hadn’t been Jigga, or this extreme (if amazing) ... a birthday cake, courtesy of the Nets and Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment.

As Vegas Jones, artist and head of Roc Nation’s Head of Lifestyle Operations put it on Instagram, “the cake is a-maz-ing.”

Painstakingly designed by Miriam Milord of BCakeNY in Brooklyn, the cake was more work of art than baked good. Not much of Jay-Z’s life was missing. You’ll notice a few Nets logos on there. Here are the details from the Nets Alex Labidou...

Milord spent five days designing the cake, which features butter cream frosting and an infusion of D'USSE Cognac – the spirit which is partially-owned by the rap star. It also has intricately-detailed artwork, ranging from his hit song ‘Story of OJ’ to the Motorola “Timeport” two-way pager that he made famous in The Dynasty Roc La Familia album.

In fact, Jay’s birthday cake even had an entire moment dedicated to it on Twitter. Because, of course.

And although a little belated, we’re adding our felicitations as well.