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Upset in the making! Fans mount campaign for Spencer Dinwiddie All-Star!

Brooklyn Nets v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Not all precincts have reported and we don’t have any reliable polling data yet, but early returns show that Spencer Dinwiddie could pull and upset and go home to Los Angeles for the All-Star Game as a starter.

There’s an unexpected groundswell of support among the Nets rank-and-file for the Nets 6’6” point guard.

As Alex Labidou of writes on New Year’s Eve...

The Legend of Spencer Dinwiddie continues as the popular Nets point guard has emerged as a surprise leading #NBAVote candidate for the 2018 All-Star Game in Los Angeles.

The Angeleno’s support is coming from fans retweeting Spencer Dinwiddie #NBAVote. One RT = One vote. On Saturday, Dinwiddie’s #NBAVote total on Twitter was nearly double that of some Houston Rockets guard named Harden

Dinwiddie is grateful for the support.

Indeed, no one is saying who started the phenomenon but it’s gaining strength. And why not?! Dinwiddie has come off the bench after injuries to Jeremy Lin and D’Angelo Russell to give the Nets credibility most nights.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Lin’s fans are not letting a season-ending knee injury hurt his chances. They too have mounted a campaign, mobilizing Lin’s international fanbase. They’s sent out instructions and noted that votes Saturday for any NBA player count twice!!

Good luck to all the candidates and may the best man win!!