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A Jeremy Lin update: On the bike, seeking prayers

NBA: Preseason-Brooklyn Nets at New York Knicks Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Lin’s road to recovery is in motion, and so is his right knee.

Back in October, late in the Brooklyn Nets season opener at Indianapolis, Lin ruptured his right patellar tendon after a drive to the rim, landing awkwardly. It is one of the saddest, most profound videos of 2017.

After falling to the ground, Lin sat up and looked over at Kenny Atkinson and cried out: “I’m done, I’m done,” before tipping over in pain and tears. He had to be aided as he walked to the locker room, knowing he wasn’t just done for the game.

Hard to watch.

The Nets announced the next day that his 2017-18 season was over before it truly began, which leaves him at 37 games played over his two-year tenure at Brooklyn.

However, per an Instagram story posted Tuesday on his account: @JLin7, Lin has begun to do some cycling for his rehab.


That same day, Lin posted his latest prayer request...

”Please pray for continued recovery of my body. As I progress in my rehab, I will be focusing on also tweaking some of my previous movement patterns to become more efficient, so please pray that this goes smoothly and that I am a fast learner. haha.”

Lin is rehabbing in Vancouver at Fortius Sport & Health, which the Nets have called a collaborative effort. The 29-year-old spending three weeks in Vancouver, then two weeks in Brooklyn.

In an interview with Chinese website, TenCent, Lin described the process and its rationale this way...

”I may go back to Brooklyn once a month to say hello to everyone, watch one or two games, and see the Nets' team doctor. So I think it's very important for me to go back there, stay for few days, and come back to Vancouver.”

If it sounds unique, that’s because basically it is. Lin has told his and Nets fans that he’s hoping the experience will lead to a physical rejuvenation, as he’s said, helping him “rebuild his body from the ground up, every muscle, every joint.”

Make no mistake. Lin’s injury is among the most serious a basketball player can sustain. It’s been seven years since an NBA player went down with a similiar injury. It’s been reported that Lin may not be running until April!

Lin has until June 29 to decide whether or not he wants to exercise his player option and remain with the Nets for what would become the final season of his contract, the 2018-19 season. His player option is worth $12.56 million.

Twelve days ago on a Reddit AMA, Lin talked about his plans to be back with the Nets next season. Sean Marks has also said that the Nets expect to have Lin back.

Eventually, we’ll see, but for now, he’s rehabbing, greeting fans and doing this to his hair.

Good Luck, JLin!