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Paul Pierce stingier with Uber stars than he ever was his with his defense

Brooklyn Nets v Toronto Raptors - Game Seven

It’s just the another indignity suffered by Nets fans.

Uber, who’s had a litany of problems lately, is trying to help its image by pairing NBA stars, past and present, with an Uber “driver,” portayed by ESPN’s Cari Champion

Paul Pierce is one of said retired stars and is asked, in Uber style, for ratings of previous teams, including Boston where he played for 15 years and Brooklyn where he and former teammate Kevin Garnett teamed up for one.

Here’s the clip, seen multiple times during ESPN’s Christmas Day extravaganza... as preserved by DefPen Sports Rob Lopez...

And here’s the longer version...

Well, it’s no surprise. Pierce has regularly trashed the Nets since being told he wasn’t getting a two-year, $10 million deal in 2014 at age 37. (He originally wanted double that.) No need to go through that litany. We still love Pierce.

But were these Pierce’s words? That’s not the way things normall work in advertising. The “talent” rarely develops the story line or the script that he or she reads. That’s left up to the advertising agency creative types and copy writers.

Who, you might ask, is in charge of the Taxi Confession-style ads? Here’s what Sports Techie reported about the campaign back in October.

Uber and digital media company UNINTERRUPTED are partnering to launch a national TV ad campaign that features ESPN’s Cari Champion as an Uber driver taking NBA figures around in a vehicle as they open up in interviews.

And who is behind UNINTERRUPTED? That would be Mr. LeBron James and his business manager, Mr. Maverick Carter.

Never mind.