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Vince Carter: Getting his number retired would be “dream come true”

Indiana Pacers v New Jersey Nets

Vince Carter insists this will not be his last in the NBA, but says when that time comes, he would be honored if the Nets retired his number 15.

Carter who didn’t play Wednesday vs. the Nets played five years with New Jersey and holds a variety of Nets team records. He and Jason Kidd, whose No. 5 already hangs from the rafters, formed the league’s best backcourt for three of those years.

“Of course,” Carter said of having his jersey retired by the Nets. “When you hear people talk about it, of course. For years to come, you walk in here and see your name in the rafters in an arena, a professional arena, that’s your dream come true for every player.

“It’s a goal for guys. It means you’ve had a phenomenal career for that team. I would never tell them no, I’ll tell you that.”

Carter’s numbers in New Jersey compared favorably with those he played in Toronto, his first team. He averaged 23.6 points as a Net, compared to 23.4 with the Raptors. He also averaged 5.8 rebounds and 4.7 assists. In his first season in the Meadowlands, Carter astounded both his fans and critics, averaging 27.5 points from December to April.

Hated in Toronto after the trade, he has become a favorite in Toronto. When he returned there his week, he received a standing ovation with many believing it would be his last turn at the Air Canada Center.

VC declined to compare his years in the two cities.

“It’s always been nothing but love here and very warm,” Carter said. “I can’t compare the two. It wasn’t the same at all. It’s always been great coming here to this building, a very warm welcome and still see the Nets jerseys. It’s always cool. I don’t care where I go, it’s always cool to come here and see the Nets jerseys, to go to Toronto and see the old Raptors’ jerseys. That’s what it’s all about, coming back to that arena and seeing that jersey.

Of course, the Nets would have to retrieve No. 15 from Isaiah Whitehead, who requested it a year ago. They could even bring Gary Sussman back to MC the VC.