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Jeremy Lin back in New York, long road still ahead

Jeremy Lin was on the Nets bench Sunday for the first time since his horrific Opening Night injury. The Nets said he’ll be shuttling back and forth between New York and Vancouver where he’s rehabbing his knee but also undergoing a more extensive program to “rebuild my body from the ground up.”

Sean Marks said he and the Nets are working closely with Fortius, the sports institute located in suburban Vancouver where Lin is rehabbing. Brian Lewis of the Post reports that one source, discussing the severity of the injury, said Lin is unlikely to be able to run or jump until April.

“It’s three weeks up there, then he comes back here for two more weeks. It’s a detailed long-term plan we’re all in agreement on. What’s he going to do here while we’re on the road?” Marks said.

That’s a bit different from what Lin described when he announced the program at the end of last month via social media. Lin said in a video message to his fans that the rehab plan “will have me out here most of the season.”

Marks comments to the media represent the first discussion by the Nets of what the rehab entails. However, the Nets have yet to discuss how Fortius was chosen, whether Lin or the team first came up with the idea or why Lin feels he needs a full training regimen when the Nets have one of the most comprehensive performance teams in the NBA. Updates on Lin’s rehab have come from the players’ social media accounts.

Lin is working specifically with Rick Celebrini, the Fortius physiotherapist. He has close ties to Steve Nash, a friend of Lin’s. He’d been Nash’s personal trainer and head of sports medicine and science for the Vancouver Whitecaps, the MLS team co-owned by Steve Nash.

Nash was teammates with Lin on the Lakers during the 2014-15 season and with Marks on the Suns from 2006-08.

Lin talked about his rehab —and other issues— in a Reddit AMA Monday. The Nets let Lin take over their Reddit account Monday for an AMA (Ask Me Anything.)

Here’s a sampling of what he said about rehab and the Nets in general.

On his rehab...

Everything is going smoothly. I do my rehab split between Brooklyn and Vancouver. The Nets and Fortius have collaborated on a rehab plan that's been amazing for me!!

The one thing I am doing is rebuilding my body from the ground up. Every joint and muscle, as well as tweaking a lot of my movement patterns to become even more efficient, healthy and explosive. It's a daunting endeavor but I have the time and the willingness to take this challenge head on! It's been super fun so far.

On Sean Marks...

Sean has been visible everywhere. Literally everything. He's changed the whole culture and made it all about taking care of the players and their families, while eliminating off-the-court distractions. I also love Kenny, thats my guy. I cant wait to absolutely destroy him in 1 on 1 like the old days when I get healthy enough.

On how a player like Rondae Hollis-Jefferson or Spencer Dinwiddie can suddenly become a solid contributor, arrive at a moment...

The moment is a combination of good, consistent habits and the right opportunity. Im super proud of Rondae and Spence!! They deserve it but they've also put in so much unseen work.

On his motivation during rehab...

My faith!! Nowadays, I'm just trying to glorify God and earn His approval through the way I work, treat others and play. The beautiful thing about that is I can glorify God in any situation, whether I'm injured, on the bench, in the locker room or playing in the actual game.

And plus, I love the game too much to give it up!

On who's the funniest Net ... a dig at Rondae....

Rondae, but most of it is unintentional ... The unintentional funny man is the funniest man

In a separate posting on Instagram, Lin praised his teammates’ hard work and said ”I’ll be back here next season.”

The guys working hard, Im working hard. I cant wait to get back on the court. Rehab has been really smooth & I'll be back here next season. So thank you guys for ur support. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

That suggests Lin doesn’t intend to exercise his player option and will return to the Nets.