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Jeremy Lin: “really hurt and broken hearted” but hopeful

In a thank you note posted to a Chinese website, We Chat, Jeremy Lin admits that he is still physically and mentally hurting ... but already preparing to return to the NBA, working with the Nets and his personal trainer.

In a translation of a letter of thanks to his fans, “My dear fans,” Lin writes...

“Now that I've come out of [being] wounded, scared, I can honestly say that God has given me great peace and joy. Do not get me wrong, I'm really hurt and broken hearted.

“Nobody cares more about my career than I do. Although I put so much energy into basketball last year, I could only play 36 games, then played only one game this year. But sometimes life is like that, even if we do a hundred percent of the preparation, we may not always get what we want.”

Specifically, Lin thanked those who supported him with “all kinds of comforts, intercessions, blessings, encouraging words, intimate gifts, et cetera, which I have come to inspire. I am deeply inspired and inspired by you.”

In particular, he mentioned a get well card created by Nets fan and artist Doug Bearak, posting it on his note...

Doug Bearak

He also offered a special shout out to his Chinese fans for their loyalty.

“However, for so many years, no matter what my performance, Chinese fans, you are always supportive of me, thank you!”

Lin spoke as well about the role his faith has played and will play in his recovery...

“But through all this, I learned the most important thing is to have hope. My faith gave me hope because I know that God has always had a perfect plan for me in my life. Even though I do not understand why things have to happen, I know He is the Ruler. I know His ability is greater than any difficulty I face. I know His love is much deeper than any sadness I can feel. In the first two weeks before I was injured, I felt supernatural calm just like you, and God supported me like this.”

Lin also posted a gif of him in a boot practicing his shooting form...

... And talked about his recovery and rehab plans...

“I am excited to start the next journey. My trainer, rehabilitation division, my team and I already have a comprehensive and thoughtful plan that will allow me to rebuild myself from the ground up and be stronger than before. Because like you remind me, I did not finish!”

Beyond his rehab, Lin promised he’ll use his down time on a new project... encouraging Chinese children to play basketball...

“For a long time, I saw playing basketball as a way of representing me on the global stage. But since I can not play again this season, I want to give you a gift. There is always a desire in my heart to hope that all Chinese children will have the same basketball training resources and opportunities as American children. So this season, I will release a free basketball basic training course, so that all children can learn some basketball foundation. After that I will release more video lessons.”

Although Lin has a player option in June, it’s hard to imagine he will exercise it. The Nets are optimistic he can return to his previous form. As Sean Marks noted the day after his injury.

“I have supreme confidence in what the staff’s done and what they’re going to do for the rehab, but also a lot of confidence in the young man Jeremy is. He’s going to push himself. You can never question the hard work and how diligent he is to his craft. That’s something he’ll take into the rehab. We saw that last year too.”