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Nets players take up residence in Brooklyn

HSS Training Center - Manhattan view

They’re young, they’re hip and have a lot of disposable income. Where else would they live!?

Jeanine Ramirez of News1 New York takes a look at the Brooklyn Nets Monday, emphasis on “Brooklyn.” Of the 15 players on the roster, 14 live in the borough. The other, Sean Kilpatrick, still lives with his extended family in Westchester County. No other local team has as many players with a city address.

Joe Harris talked to Ramirez at his favorite coffee shop, extolling the positives of Brooklyn.

“Living in Brooklyn, practicing here, playing here you know there's really no reason to go in Manhattan. You can stay in Brooklyn and everything. And they have great restaurants, good nightlife. Everything is here in Brooklyn that you can possibly want," Harris said.

The native of Chelan, a small town in eastern Washington, Harris now lives in Fort Greene, north of Barclays Center and a short subway ride from the HSS Training Center. Last year he lived in Park Slope, both neighborhoods within walking distance of the arena.

"There are probably four or five of us who all live within five blocks or so of each other like Fort Greene, Downtown Brooklyn area," Harris said. There’s another group that lives near each other in Gowanus, closer to HSS. Harris feels he has mastered the subway enough to give up his car.

"Sunset Park is a quick one stop for me on the D or the N,” he says of the neighborhood where the practice facility is located. “It's super easy. You kind of cut through Industry City almost to get to the practice facility so a lot of times I'll just kind of walk through the food hall that's over there.”

Does it matter? Players say it helps their bonding, makes them feel more of a team. Besides, It’s Brooklyn.